October 13, 2019

Dedicated vs Cloud Hosting vs. VPS Differences 2019 — Top Cloud & Virtual Servers & Dedicated

As you begin your blog or site you probably start with a shared hosting but soon you will find the need to upgrade because the growing traffic on your site can’t handle it anymore. Then comes the time to go for a Dedicated machine, Cloud or VPS hosting. But there are so many providers and the Question, Dedicated, Cloud or VPS. We got you covered in the section below.

Dedicated, Cloud or VPS

Dedicated, Cloud or VPS

But first let me explain the difference between Dedicated, Could vs VPS.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a part of a dedicated machine. It looks and feels like a real normal server, but it is shared on a dedicated machine. It is isolated from the rest that is hosted on the same dedicated machine and you can reboot your VPS without any problem. Other users won’t be affected if you reboot your VPS. And you have full root access. Each dedicated host (machine) can only host one OS. So if that company has only a few dedicated machines, your selection of OS (Linux or Windows versions) are limited. Most of the time you will find Linux on VPS hosting, it’s more common to use for this type of hosting. Also, CPU performance are limited on a VPS server. And many providers “oversell” their servers. This makes it the cheapest hosting because they don’t need dedicated resources for a VPS

Cloud Servers

Cloud Hosting has the potential to unlimited numbers of machines, and they are connected into a network and act as one.  It is a real Cloud environment. This means that the Cloud hosting is an organization and storage resource with a service provider that offers its infrastructure. It is also very flexible, you can add most of the time as much vCPU’s or SSD space as needed. So you can tweak what you need and only pay for what you need like different network architectures, load balancers, firewall and IP addresses. Also, you have a huge selection of OS’s, in Linux and Windows.  A Cloud environment is more complex and it needs more technical knowledge than a VPS. Most providers even allow you to upload your own ISO, or OS for better understanding. Also, backups you have created, can be used to deploy in another Data Center.

Cloud hosting is paid per hour or minute of usage. But keep in mind that if you have set up a server, the clock start to run. It only stops if you destroy your instance. But they can be built again in a few minutes. Some providers even keep the snapshots create before in place even if you destroy your instance. So this makes it possible to recreate the same server again, even in another Data Center if they have more than one.

Dedicated servers (Bare Metal)

Dedicated Servers (Bare Metal) is the holy grail when it comes to hosting. Now everything is possible. You have a machine that can do it all. You can even buy several machines and build your own VPS or Cloud Provider. But guess that’s not the main reason to get a Dedicated machine. They are more expensive than the above, and it depends on the provider what they offer as OS to install. Most of the time you are free to do what you want with a dedicated Server. Some provider built them they way you want (custom build) or they have predefined Dedicated servers.

VPS Servers


Cloud Servers


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