November 4, 2019

Learn to use VIM (vi) is only 30 minutes

The Linux editor VI (or Vim Vi IMproved as its name suggests) is the most useful tool to edit your files on a Linux system. It is also the first text editor that was available in Unux. In this little self explaining tutorial you will learn how to use it on the most effective way, save time and become a professional system administrator of this most used editor that Linux has to offer. Most people don’t like to use it, but after reading and learning how to use it you never want anything else.

Learn to use VIM (vi) is 0nly 30 minutes.

Learn to use VIM in 30 minutes

Learn to use VIM in 30 minutes

1. Vim is Free and Open Source and will always be Free

Vim is a free and open-source software, and has been released under a license that includes some charity ware clauses(good people want to support them). The Vim developer, therefore, wants to ask users who like his software to consider making a donating to underprivileged children in Uganda Africa. The license is compatible with the GNU General Public License.

If you like free and open-source software, then this would be one of the first reasons you would consider to start using Vim.

2. You can get Vim Always on every Linux system

Vim is available on most, if not all Linux distributions that are out there and you can install it from your distro’s official software repositories with these simple commands:

apt-get install vim [On Debian/Ubuntu]
yum install vim [On RHEL/CentOS]
dnf install vim [Fedora 22+]

3. Vim is enormous Popular in the Linux World

Another reason why you should want to start using or simply keep with Vim for is that, it is very popular in the Unix/Linux world, especially for (lazy) system administrators to simplify their work tasks. Two of the three experienced Linux system administrators out there will recommend you to learn to use Vim as your default editor.

4. Vim Uses only a little of your  Amount of System Resources

Vim’s power is that its smallness and its simplicity, therefore it doesn’t consume a considerable amount of system resources as opposed to other text editors, especially graphical text editors.

It’s also normally fast and lightweight even when editing huge files of huge source or code files. It’s easy to run over ssh for remote operations on any server. So with ssh it’s also very secure.

5. Vim Has Portable Configurations

Vim’s configurations are portable, this enables you to use the same configs on all your Linux systems. You can as well share configs with friends on the Internet and so on. All you need to do is sent a copy a few directories and files, and that’s all.


Why people don’t like to use VIM

The answer is simple, when you first start it, you need to know how to exit and that makes it the first reason why people don’t like to use VIM. If you don’t know how to exit it, you have to quit your connection with your server, and start a new one.

So here comes the answer and you will like VIM and keep on reading to learn more tips & tricks that VIM has to offer:
For all commands send to the terminal and to use VIM you have to press SHIFT : or in some other terminals CRTL :

Start & exit VI

vi  #start VIM
:q  #quit 
:q! #forece quit

Now, the most difficult part to start with VIM we had, we can start it and exit, quit it. It is created to edit files so only win the to start it you can’t do that. To start editing/modify your files you have to know these basic principles.

Most keys on your keyboard have functions. Insert has 2 namely to Insert and to replace text. The Delete key does not need any explanation.  Just like Page Up and Down, it simply goes to the end to your current screen, so pressing multiple times to got to the top or to the end of the file.




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