December 13, 2019

osTicket – Nginx and Centos install – Centmin Mod

osTickict is famous around the globe as open source ticket systems. If you have a look their website, and you run nginx, you think, wow. I’m missing something wonderful.

osTicket is a platform-independent web-based application, meaning it is compatible with all operating systems. To install and run osTicket the following components are required:

  • Web Server: Apache or IIS
  • PHP Version: 7.0 to 7.3, 7.3 is recommended
  • MySQL Database: 5.5

Run it together with Centmin makes it even better, faster and a lot safer.

Below is a step by step, easy to follow guide on how to set it up in a clear and working environment.

Step 1.

Create an A Record on your domain provider with an appropriate name, we work in this case with Seems very nice as a starter.

Step 2.

Users that don’t use Centmin mod can skip this step, it creates the subdomain with (thanks to CloudFlare) a free SSL certificate.

Use option 2 in the menu, select  to have a FULL SSL site.

Step 3.

Create a dbase / user for OsTicket. 
mysql -u root -p
create database osticket;
create user [email protected] identified by ‘[email protected]’;
Grant all privileges for the new user to the database ‘osticket’.

grant all privileges on osticket.* to [email protected] identified by ‘[email protected]’;
flush privileges;

Change the above dbase / user / password to a good safe one, don’t use the examples above.

Step 4. Download osTicket with the wget command from GitHub

cd /home/nginx/domains/



This will create a folder UPLOAD, we need to copy this to the public folder

After that we need to change user root to nginx.

chown -R nginx:nginx /home/nginx/domains/

Step 5 – Install OsTicket

Open your subdomain and follow the pages, fill in the dbase / user created.

Delete the UPLOAD folder and the folder indicted during the setup.

Step 6 – Testing

OsTicket home page –

OsTicket agent panel –

OsTicket Admin panel configuration –

Step 7 – Adjust it to your needs

Have fun, install plugins, upload your logo’s, create nice auto response, create users, do whatever you think that will make OsTicket yours.

OBS: I need to add some screenshots, this is a pre-release only.
It works, select for security your own dbase name and password and your subdomain. 

If you liked this article, please drop a note below in the comment section, have a idea that can help others, please post it. Together we can make the difference!


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