January 1, 2020

Stay strong President Bolsonaro, you have to fix Brazil

Stay strong President Bolsonaro, you have to fix Brazil, a country that has been destroyed by others in the last decades (they like the color red). Keep on this track. Make Brazil strong again. It won’t be easy and the “old persons” that loved red will use everything they can find against what you try to fix.

But keep an eye on Red (China). I’m Dutch and Brazilian and 35 years ago they warned us….. Watch out for the danger, it’s red and you can’t trust them.

Everything that happens on the Internet, is connected IoT, it has back ports.

Most (99%) of the Internet Service Providers (ISP) can remotely upgrade your firmware of your modem/router. As client, you might think, nice option, I’m always up to date. But what more they see on the backdoor that they used to see that your internet connection works, remotely reboot it and so on. They can do deep package inspection, see what you do.

Maybe a smart client asks them, how do you do that, and they don’t have an answer ready or tell you that they close it again. But how do you open it again? A closed back port can’t be opened again. Simple. No doubts about that.
Maybe they have 2 back ports, so that they can open the other again.

But as a security specialist it arises questions. What if you use an electronic device, connected to the internet and has some Chinese components. I rather did not mention this brand, but Huawei (Chinees) is famous for back doors in their equipment. Search on Google. Please do so.

I’m sorry to mention Huawei, but keep on searching and you’ll find a lot more companies.

How did China get all the knowledge they have today? If an Engineer, Professor, someone real smart, invents the famous wheel again, reinvents the egg of Columbus and finally thinks, let me send it to our main server and it gets picked up by something on the internet and it comes on his way a Huawei router, some telecom towers for his mobile internet with Huawei, his brilliant idea has an automated backup in China.

Free, no charge of all. He has nothing to pay for his automated backup. There, in China, it will be analyzed and used. That’s the power of the People’s Republic of China.

The current President of the United States opened a trade war against China. It has a reason.

My mailbox is full of, Please use our Alibaba Cloud servers. Rather, not. I use Linux on all of my servers, Built on my own. I know what’s inside.

This article I wrote to warn the world, it’s not only China, but more. Even Google knows and remembers more of your life than you want. IoT (Internet of Things). Take care. More companies are watching.

Author: Mike van Eckendonk. 01/01/2020


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