November 23, 2019

Website Traffic Generators – 25+ Working or fake – Earn Money or not

There are many programs on the internet to drive real human traffic to your website(s). That will improve your Alexa Index, give you a higher Google index, it “can” make your site famous, profitable and gives you a better SEO than anything else. So in fact a Win-Win situation.

Some are Free to use, Some are Paid and Free, and with others you can even earn a stable income without many hassles and to get it working. We tried everything we found on the internet, and let it run on many free domains (thanks dot.kt) that we don’t use and with our Matamo Analytics and a daily compare on Alexa we measured the results.

Below you can find several we tried and some have even their applications you can run safe on your computer, we also found one that want’s you to install some add-on, but our AV prevented them to install them as add-on on the test browsers. We don’t want to predicate any program so it is possible that it is a False Positive of our AV.  Just a BIG WARNING. Most of these programs surf around the internet so you want to make sure that you use a good Anti Virus software package.

Last update 01 December 2019

10Khits Exchanger

This is a link exchange program that does its job nice. You can use a free version, but as with the most of them, you can upgrade and get some extra slots, bonus points and more. You can use it in any browser or with their application. The absolute free one gives you 3 slots (websites) you can use. On the very same account you can double it if you use a VPN so that you have another IP to run it on another PC and gain more free points. It won’t double to free slots on the free version. They also have a nice refer program, and you can cash in some extra bonus points from these referrals that have signed up on your account. Many times they have special bonus packages if you start to use the paid version.

With the program 10Khits Exchanger you can’t earn money, only real human traffic to your websites. Configure the websites you want to have some extra traffic, time that a visitor stays on these sites (Fixed or random). The max time is 60 seconds that a visitor stays. Quite impressive if you set up everything good. They have many, but many times on email or on the application, “Promotions” to upgrade to a paid version.

A promotion that appears in when using the free version

A promotion that appears in when using the free version

They have an application that you can run on the background, download it, start it up and have fun


They also have an application that you can run on the background, download it, start it up and have fun


Now you “can” earn real money and get traffic to your site(s) for free. Payout on a SAP account (EURO) or on PayPal. You can download some programs for their “surfbar” to automate some things. In fact a excellent program to get traffic and earn money.


This is a real great program, can set most things for free, like GEO locations, extended time and a lot more. We have it online now for several days, in the free version, and we got a reward. Instead of the default 2 sites(slots) we now can have one more so called “Slot”.  And there is more comming up as rewards, all free. The program gives you a warning with the antivirus, and the window’s defender also, but we run it on a notebook that we did not use for noting, on a different subnet, not problem with that. It has also an option to buy credits, upgrade and so. But due to AV warning and so, maybe we try it with a PRE-PAID card, so we don’t have any risk. We are still looking at all aspects, and we will write more about it soon.


This is a new one for us, so we first need to visit some sites to see if it’s working. The fist message that appears is “You must surf 1000 more pages to receive your 5,000 credits sign up bonus!” We keep you posted on the result of Kixion

They have a application that you can run on the background. But it  seems to be a kind of browser and to speed up your first 1000 pages you can run them both simultaneously.


First Impression it’s only a paid traffic program. Their slogin is “”If you can´t explain it to a 6-year old, you don´t know it yourself.”- Albert Einstein”.

They have something free, a bonus that you can earn if you buy, beginning @ $ 500 and for the max amount you get 12% advertising bonus on every deposit. Looks nice, but at the moment for a try out a bit expesive. Hope in the near further to write more about them, as it looks a real proffesional service.

Final conclusion, even if the program not seems to work fine, it has result. Free keeps free like the sun rise every day. But most Free things in normal life have a drawback. In some way you pay for it. And the paid versions, they offer you very much options. More slots, GEO location visitors, extended time, and more.

If you find this above great news or want to let us know a new thing you just found and think that we should include it here, leave it in the comments below, and we will look at it, pay for it and write about it!


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